Look up an address

How to proceed to situate an address on the map ? - The easiest way to find addresses on Luxemburg's territory is to use the general public map viewer

In the search field above the map window,  type the essential part of the address like shown in the picture below:


The search function returns a list with results, among whose you choose by clicking on the address you want. The map then centers on this address.


Advice: in general try not to be too precise when searching for addresses, but indicate only the essential part of the addresses to avoid having 0 results returned. For example, if you search the address 54 avenue Gaston Diderich, it is enough to type "54 did" to get a list of results containing the wanted one. But if you type the entire address and if you do a little spelling mistake like f.e. "Diederich" instead of "Diderich", the address is not found.